Address: 40 Rue Marius JACOTOT 92800 PUTEAUX FRANCE Téléphone : +336 88 36 23 53 E-mail: nada.chehab@ncc-newconceptconsulting

Her conscientious effort and cooperation in doing professional, high-quality work were appreciated.

In my position as President of Kuzbari Group, one of the main client of Fransa Bank, I have always known her as being  organized, efficient, and willing to do whatever was needed to get a particular assignment finished. Her good judgment and her professional perception ensured a logical and practical approach, through which we have been able to execute our letter of credits and financial commitments most smoothly and efficiently . Her experience in the accounting and finance area has been a valuable asset, one which can be of great value to any company utilizing her services. She is loyal and always places the welfare of her career above all else.

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