Address: 40 Rue Marius JACOTOT 92800 PUTEAUX FRANCE Téléphone : +336 88 36 23 53 E-mail: nada.chehab@ncc-newconceptconsulting
Osman Alameddine

Qualités principales skills: Exper, Intégrité, Créativité

“It would be nice to have this opportunity to recommend Nada in what she deserves.

I have worked with Nada for so many years and for all my companies needs and she used to be of a great support to me in all my Financial trade transactions and Letters of Credit.

She has always been keen in her job, she did always recommend me the best for my work as a client .

Nada leads by example and many people here find her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating.

I believe Nada exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to Trade Corporate Finance Development Manager.

With her experience, high integrity and creativity she will sure add too much to the post she will fill.

”24 juin 2011″

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